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Sankalp Se Siddhi Awards follows a comprehensive analysis methodology to make sure that the great leaders in various fields are honored for their hard work and efforts.

The process starts with a self nomination method in which the firms or individuals from all over the country are invited by Hope & Faith Foundation (NGO) to nominate themselves.

  • The nominations are invited throughout the country by direct and indirect communication with potential nominees by e-mails, phone calls, mailers, personal visits and other means.
  • Entries must be submitted ONLINE ONLY ON OR BEFORE July 15th, 2022 (11.59 PM IST).
  • Nominees  can submit multiple entries in different categories but limited to three.
  • At the time and date of submitting an entry online entrants should confirm that the information supplied is truthful and accurate. If information is subsequently found to be inaccurate or incorrect, the entry or entries will be disqualified.
  • All nominations received will be collated and then validated as to their alignment with the terms and conditions of participation in these awards.
  • The nominees may be contacted for any additional information as and when required. Such information sourced from the nominees will become part of their nomination form respectively.
  • Gauging the popularity and perception of the participants amongst the end consumers through collection of data through feedback forms. This stage is focused on gathering insights into the brand equity, customer feedback, media visibility and feedback from the industry.
  • The valid nominations will be subject to extensive survey and field visits to validate the authenticity of the information provided in the nomination form and then presented to the screening panel.
  • After scrutiny of all the valid nomination forms received on various parameters and short-listing of the entries for further evaluation by the screening panel.
  • The major parameters include but are not limited to: Qualification & Professional Experience, Infrastructure & Facilities, Market Presence & Competition, Growth & Profitability, Quality & Operational Excellence, Financial & Business Acumen, Innovation & Novelty in Services, Ingenuity & Imagination, Sustainability & Environmental Awareness, Job & Impact Potential, Client/Customer & Industry Feedback, Use of Technology & Trends, Efforts for Risk & Setback Mitigation, Previous Awards & Achievements etc.
  • Grading the participants on different criteria through collected data/feedback/opinion scores.
  • The shortlisted nominations are reviewed by the screening panel relevant to each category and level.
  • Report Submission by the screening panel to the management for inputs and further screening, if required.
  • Final report submission by the management to the Jury. Final selection by the Jury. Jury's decision on selection of the final awardees would be final and binding on all.
  • The awardees will be contacted/informed via email them of their final selection to the prestigious Sankalp Se Siddhi, 2022.
  • The awardees will be sent invitation passes to attend the award function with their friends and family.
  • At the Sankalp Se Siddhi, 2022 award function, the awardees will be honoured with an award certificate and a trophy of excellence by personalities of immense repute.

Note : No travel and stay will be provided to the awardees by organizers for attending the award function and the awardee will have to bear their own expenses.


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