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Q. Are there any charges for the nomination? If yes, how much?

A. No, there are no charges of nominations. Any individual or organization can nominate themselves free of cost. However, if finalized then you will have to buy copyright and usages for the award. For more information contact us by mail query@sankalpsesiddhiawards.com or call at +91-7982909597.

Q. How will the Sankalp Se Siddhi Awards help in the growth of an individual or company?

A. The winning individual or even the companies will get immense growth in their professions. The Sankalp Se Siddhi Awards is bound to benefit in terms of growth in business. A person who knows how to utilize the best out of something can do wonder with this achievement and at the same time, you would surely appreciate that even the best of tools are waste for a person who doesn't have any sense of using them perfectly. So, largely it depends upon your smartness and how you utilize this achievement. Not everyone can win Sankalp Se Siddhi Award and those who win are already having the right marketing acumen to use this achievement. They know how to take advantage of this award for their individual as well as public growth. The award will give a whole new kind of exposure.

Q. How can I utilize the official logo in order to maximize exposure as a proud participant?

A. The Sankalp Se Siddhi Awards allows its winner to use the logo on their belongings but to know more about this you will have to contact our Corporate Branding team they will guide you with the correct and authorized usages of our logo.

Q. When will you announce the result of Sankalp Se Siddhi Awards?

A. Winners will be declared during the award ceremony which will take place in August 2022.

Q. What would the winner receive as during the ceremony?

A. The winners would be awarded a certificate and a trophy as a token of appreciation.

Q. What is the process of filing the nomination?

A. Click on the following link https://www.sankalpsesiddhiawards.com/nomination/

Q. What if any winner wouldn't be able to attend the ceremony?

A. If the winner misses the award ceremony, their certificate and trophy will be sent to their place through courier provided they have completed all the formalities such as submitting the documents and making the payment for copyright and usage charges of the award.

Q. Why do you need my personal data? How will you assure us to keep our data confidential?

A. We respect your privacy and we assure you that all the data and information provided by you will be kept confidential. We gather your data in order to make comparisons between various participants so that we can evaluate and select the winner.


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